About ROE Capital

ROE Capital Management, Inc. is a registered Commodity Trading Advisor established for the purpose of researching, developing and managing a variety of trading strategies which seek aggressive returns from US futures markets.  Our goal is to seek the best possible risk adjusted investment returns with contained draw downs.

Investment vehicles are offered via privately managed futures accounts, commonly known as a Commodity Trading Advisor or CTA program.  Our current managed futures offerings are the Monticello Equity Spreads Portfolio and the Jefferson Index Program.


John L. Roe, President
ROE Capital Management was founded by John L. Roe, the president and sole principal of the Advisor.  Mr. Roe is responsible for managing the day to day operations of the Advisor, as well as its trading strategies and trade execution. Mr. Roe is also an principal of BTR Trading Group, an introducing commodity brokerage firm, where he specailizes in the execution of electionic trading systems.

Mr. Roe began his career in the financial industry working as a Globex clerk on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s Eurodollar Pit. Working with the largest institutional spread brokerage group on the Eurodollar floor, Mr. Roe created markets for complicated back month Eurodollar spread positions via electronic/pit arbitrage for institutional clients and local pit traders alike. His computer expertise was instrumental in expanding the group’s operations with a larger electronic footprint. As institutions began vertically integrating their trading operations to take advantage of the cost effectiveness electronic trading, the group’s floor brokerage operations began to suffer and Mr. Roe sought new opportunities in electronic trading and brokerage.

In August of 2005, Mr. Roe left the floor and became a trade desk manager with Refco, Inc., a commodity brokerage firm. Mr. Roe became an Associated Person of Refco, Inc. in October of 2005. Refco was purchased that year by Man Financial, Inc. In July 2007, Man Financial was spun off by its parent company Man Group, Inc (a UK based hedge fund) and made an initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange as MF Global (NYSE Listed MF). Mr. Roe specialized in institutional execution and private client brokerage of automated electronic trading systems with MF Global.

In June of 2010, Mr. Roe left MF Global to form his own brokerage firm, BTR Trading Group, an introducing broker of MF Global. Working with BTR Trading Group, Mr. Roe collaborates with trading system developers all over the world in order to facilitate execution of their trading systems for private and institutional clients. This experience exposed Mr. Roe to the world of algorithmic trading and led him to experiment with various computer programming languages in automating systematic trading programs for futures markets. Over the course of the past several years, he has gained a wealth of knowledge in the development and execution of trading models using a variety of asset classes. He began researching and developing his own proprietary trading models on futures markets with the goal of producing risk adjusted returns with contained draw downs for managed futures accounts. The trading models of ROE Capital Management are the product of his research.

Mr. Roe is active in philanthropy and politics as well, serving on the boards of directors of several non-profit organizations from time to time. He has also served as a strategic adviser for several US Congressional campaigns and managed several campaigns for state legislative office.


ROE Capital Management, Inc.
125 South Wacker Drive
Suite 300
Chicago, IL 60606
312.436.1782, office
312.212.4073, fax


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